An anonymous source informed us on Tuesday that a group Nashville reverends, preachers, and priests came to the office of each member of the Tennessee General Assembly on Monday to protest Sen. Campfield’s anti-poor agenda and the state's rejection of Obamacare. They dropped off two loafs of bread and 5 paper fish in every office. Each fish had a different bible verse calling on the members to help the poor and fund health care.

After we posted the news on our Facebook page we soon learned that the group responsible for organizing the demonstration is called "Clergy for Justice."

15 faith leaders from across the state delivered a total 133 baskets of loaves and fish with a letter signed by almost 100 clergy and faith leaders, calling Medicaid expansion “not only the right thing to do, it’s the moral and faithful thing to do.” The letter and names of the signatories are displayed at the bottom of this article.

Here are some of the reactions on our Facebook page:

"That is Christian activism. God truly bless each one of them." -- Vickie Bligh

"This Christianity I can live with, the type I was taught." -- Americo Nonini

"Finally some Christianity at work, instead of Right-Wing 'Self-Righteousness' !!" -- Donald Jecker

"So, dear Christians, could each of you go visit your own local leaders and let them know that you want them to follow Christ instead of the GOP? They need to know." -- Tina Bennett

"This is wonderful to hear. So often the faith community turns to the right which is not what Jesus had in mind. Thanks for the news." -- Barbara Mathieson

"I wonder how long it will take for these politicians to get the hint. We've had the "nuns on the bus" traveling to spread the word of the need for humanitarian works and now preachers lobbying against the extreme right. Good job!" -- Janice Henschel

"Go thou and do likewise...in Raleigh!" -- Don Saunders

"You mean this happened in my state....that's amazing!!! And unexpected!" -- Stephanie Hill Mumpower

"For once! I'm so sick of the Dominionist biblical revisionist garbage that says 'God loves the rich, and you're rich because you're better than everyone else.'" -- Brad Hunziker

"There are no words to describe how very much I love this!" -- Kathy Fairbanks Parker

"About time the clergy stepped up and did what their jobs." -- Rose McGuire

"They should do that in the Ohio legislature also!" -- Gloria Zebbs Anderson

"Absolutely Brilliant! It's nice to know there's some decent clergy and pastors left." -- Dana Norris

"This is great... Lets see if religious leaders in other states do something similar!" -- Nan A. Canter

"This should be done in every state." -- Sharon Casto

Needless to say, we'd like to see this kind of Christian activism sweep across the country.  These are the actions Jesus was talking about when he said, "Go, and do likewise." Christianity has fallen away from its mission over the last 30 years. It's time to for it to return to its roots.

Naysayers say "none of this is the government's job." They're wrong. We recommend the following article: "Individual Charity Isn't Enough."

The complete letter. Please excuse the fragmented appearance. These are screen captures of a PDF:

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