This is all I will say about Rush Limbaugh:

I believe Rush Limbaugh has had one goal since he started his radio show, which was to make as much money as possible by saying whatever what needed to attract listeners.

Sadly, he has often suggested that divisive and hurting attitudes somehow improve America. They don't improve our nation; they just put money in his pocket. I don't believe Mr. Limbaugh actually believes much of what he speaks, which is the sadder of the two possibilities. If he believed them, he could at least defend them as his hard-felt opinion. But he just speaks the words, time and time again, knowing he must do so to maintain an audience.

I am offended that the federal government rebroadcasts Mr. Limbaugh's show to young members of the military around the world, on the Armed Forces Network. While I accept the idea that a variety of American media should be provided to our young soldiers, sailors, Marines, Air Force members and others in the military, I reject the idea that the broadcast of Mr. Limbaugh's words somehow improves the minds of our young warriors. In fact, it is not that far a stretch to think that attitudes formed as the result of a healthy and repeated serving of Mr. Limbaugh's shows might, in fact, have contributed to soldiers thinking it is OK to urinate on the dead bodies of the enemy - AND VIDEOTAPE IT! - or to not consider the ramifications of burning the Koran as trash.

Therefore, I believe the Armed Forces Network should cease distribution of the Rush Limbaugh show to military bases and military personnel worldwide. If the individuals in the military want to listen to the awkwardly named "Excellence in Broadcasting" network, I am sure they can find it on the Internet. But there is no reason Mr. Limbaugh should be sanctioned by the Pentagon and served up around the world as a so-called valuable voice of America.

Anyone wishing to communicate with AFN regarding the broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh Show to our military bases around the world can do so at this link:

Jonathan Austin, former Staff Sergeant, USAR, 11B3X

Comment From Our Facebook Page:

"Thanks for the hollow-hearted apology Rush. It smacked of the disingenuous, hypocritical, hostile, smug and indifferent operator that you are. Your long track record of disgusting and repugnant behavior is anathema to the true cultural values of our diverse nation. You and your ilk have destroyed large swaths of a once great cultural heritage. You called my mom (God rest her soul) a slut by the way. She, like most responsible women, used birth control while in college. And she obtained it from a county funded women's clinic. I'm not going to be able to forget about all this. Words matter, and they hurt. I pray that someday soon, your show is relegated to the trash heap of society where it belongs, right along side the Jerry Springer show."

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