The Love Thy Neighbor shirt, from The Christian Left

We wish we could have added more "categories" of people.  There just wasn't room. We think the point is well made though.

The shirts are us! They are you! It's everything we've been trying to say for a long time now. For less than the price of a typical night out you can help us spread the word that not all Christians are the right wing variety. Many have found a spiritual oasis with The Christian Left, but there are many more out there who are looking for place where they're not judged if they're not a 'conservative.'

Help us, and get the coolest shirt on earth too!

All shirts are Unisex, black with white ink,  sizes Small through 4XL.  We're unable to produce colors other than black at this time.

Shipping is free!

Important note: We are a small operation; definitely not We produce and fulfill these shirts on a quarterly basis.  Please be patient as you wait to receive your shirt. We request that you don't order expecting to receive your shirt on a specific date, like birthdays or holidays. Be assured, everyone who orders a shirt gets a shirt.

If you ordered a shirt and did not receive it, send an e-mail to -- Enter ** Problem Order LTN Shirt ** in the subject field, and give us your name, address, size request, and the approximate date you placed your order.  We'll make sure you get your shirt.

1st Tier Donation

Some folks have asked us about the requested donation on the shirt ($39.95). This is our primary method of fundraising. We have to generate revenue to keep doing what we do. What a great way to create a win/win though. Folks who wear this shirt say it generates positive comments wherever they go.

2nd Tier Donation

If you truly can't afford the requested donation amount, send us $29.95. We'll send you a shirt. $29.95 is as low as we can go as a result of costs in production and mailing. We're continuously trying to expand this movement in numerous ways.  Last year we created a political action committee. We have ambitious goals for 2014 as well. We want your voice to be heard.

For orders outside the United States, please add $10.00 to your donation for shipping and handling.

Instructions for placing a order:

You do not have to have a Paypal account, or even  sign up for one. You are able to use a credit card at the end.

The shirts are not available in our Store.  Please don't click on any shirts you may see on this page. That's our Store, and these shirts aren't in that store.  Same goes for the donation page (don't click on the shirts there). We have these specially made.
  1. Click on the Donation Page link on the last part of this sentence.  Try to open it in a new tab so you can come back from tab to tab and read the directions.  Usually you do this by right-clicking on the link itself and selecting “open in new tab.”  Here’s the Donation link ---->
  2. When you get to the donation page scroll down to the fields where you enter your information.
  3. Ignore the shirts on the right side.  This is our store for our regular shirts and the “Love Thy Neighbor Shirt” can’t be found there.
  4. Fill out all your information in the fields. Requested donation for a shirt is $39.95.
  5. Important: Put “LTN Shirt” and your size request in the “Comment” field. (Please be sure to enter your size). Make that the only text you enter in the field. (Example: LTN Shirt 2XL)
  6. Click on “Next.”
  7. It will look like you've gone back to the top of the same page, but you haven't. Scroll down to see a summary of what you’ve input.
  8. ** Important Note **  Even though the Payment Method says “Paypal,” this does not mean you have to use Paypal. You will have the option to use a credit card.
  9. Review your information and click on “Process Donation.”
  10. You may have to wait a minute until the next screen comes up.
  11. When the Paypal screen comes up use the "Don’t have a PayPal account?" option, enter your phone number and your e-mail, then click "Continue."
  12. A screen will come up that allows you to use a credit card.
  13. Enter all the fields to process your credit card and click on “Review and Continue.”
  14. This will take you to a final page where you can finalize the transaction.

Thanks so much for your kindness, generosity, and help!

It you'd like to know more of what we're all about please read "Our Mission."

-- The Christian Left


Tracey Luehrs
11/23/2014 12:10

I ordered this shirt this past summer and never received. Also sent an email to you asking about the shirt, and never received an answer. Has it just taken this long to get enough orders to print the shirts? I hope my shirt is in this order.

Jack Parkes
11/30/2014 11:30

Do you do them with traditional British spelling?

12/08/2014 11:53

I LOVE this Message, and I "bought the t-shirt". I actually do have one, and every time I wear it (every time), folks ask me where they can get one, too. Quality materials. I'll be buying more...


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